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Since 1995 Amerigrow has prided itself in consistently supplying southeast and southwest Florida with Environmentally Superior™ mulch and soil products of the highest quality. We have earned our excellent reputation for quality by manufacturing a diverse selection of products that are entirely produced in our own facilities, which enables us to maintain superior quality control and offer each customer a Satisfaction Guarantee!

A few of Amerigrow’s popular trademarked products include: Premium Red™ Certified Mulch™, Premium Gold™ Certified Mulch™, natural Greensmart™ Eco-Mulch™ and Black Magic Eco-Soil™ compost and topsoil. We offer an assortment of high quality colored and natural mulch varieties, planting mixes and custom soil blends.

In addition to our manufacturing division, Amerigrow is a full-service organic recycling facility that specializes in landscape debris pick-up and disposal, organic composting, terra seeding and erosion control. Our customers appreciate the high level of service we provide, whether by guaranteeing fast and reliable service in debris pick-up, delivery of material or installation of our products. Come visit us at our one-stop-shop in Delray Beach!

“We strive to provide every customer with products of the highest quality and consistency- at the most competitive prices in the industry.” Janet Tomlinson, President of Amerigrow

Our Services

Mulching Solutions

We have the largest fleet of high-capacity trucks in Florida and are the ONLY blow-on installation company in South Florida...
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Amerigrow Golf

Call Amerigrow Golf to receive the best     playable and environmentally-friendly groundcovers for your golf courses.
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Amerigrow Trucking

Having the largest fleet of grapple trucks in South Florida, Amerigrow Trucking offers year-round landscape debris...
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Amerigrow Recycling

Amerigrow takes in organic landscape debris for recycling at our convenient Delray Beach facility. When dumping your land...
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Amerigrow Nurseries: Now Open to the Public

Amerigrow is now proud to offer a variety of plants and palm trees for sale out of our store in Delray Beach, FL. Please call for details.

Amerigrow Nurseries Now Open in Delray Beach, FL

Introducing Our New Product!

GreenSmart™ Groundcover
Made with ColorSmart Technology™

Amerigrow's GreenSmart™ Groundcover is designed for Florida's harsh environment, is a Non-Floating groundcover™, is 100% sustainable, and provides more coverage per cubic yard than ordinary mulch.

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Featured Top Seller

Black Magic Soil™
Amerigrow's Black Magic soil line includes: MSC Certified Black Magic Eco-Soil™, Black Magic Potting Soil™ and Black Magic Premium Planting Soil™.

These potting, garden and landscape soils are very popular among nursery owners and garden & landscape supply shop owners. The product line offers reliable plant growth assistance, affordability, attractive packaging, an easy to handle one-cubic-foot bag size and the placement of multiple UPC codes on the bags.

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Featured Product

Premium Colored Mulch
All of our colored mulch varieties are made from clean, kiln-dried wood, predominantly Pine and Oak, and are blended with clean virgin round woods (Slash Pine, Black Olive, etc). These mulch varieties have a nice, natural look and are shredded to decrease floatation.

The Colorants we use are engineered to withstand Florida’s harsh summer sun and heavy rains, because they are formulated with binders that enable it resist fading much longer than most colored mulches available. It is specially made to be NON- toxic to plants, animals and the consumer. Custom mulch colors that are also available upon request include: blue, green, yellow, etc.

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Featured Service

Mulch & Soil Installation
We have the largest fleet of high-capacity trucks in Florida and are the ONLY blow-on installation company in South Florida that manufactures the products we install.

We do year-round work for homeowners associations, apartment and condominium communities, golf courses, landscapers, business properties, hotels & resorts, schools & daycare facilities, municipalities and other large-scale projects. No quantity is ever too large!

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Featured Specialty Product

Custom Soils
Amerigrow Soils wants to welcome you to the next generation of custom blending. Our State-of-the Art European Blending System makes mixes to your specifications that are 100 % exact every time! We use the same quality suppliers to ensure that your blends are consistent each and every time you order. Our specialties include container mixes, soilless mixes, germination mixes, propagation mixes, interiorscape mixes, bedding mixes, planter mixes, and more. Our soil is certified to be free of burrowing nematodes. We offer a wide assortment of products and amendments. We offer both bulk and bagged products for pick-up or delivery.

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USCC Fact Sheet: Compost and its Benefits
by: US Composting Council

"Thanks to its many attributes, compost is extremely versatile and beneficial in many applications. Compost has the unique ability to improve the properties of soils and growing media physically (structurally), chemically (nutritionally), and biologically. Although some equate the benefit of compost use to lush green growth, caused by plant-available nitrogen, the real benefits of using compost are long-term and related to its organic matter content."

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