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colored mulchesAmerigrow’s colored mulch varieties are made from clean, kiln-dried wood predominantly derived from Pine and Oak, which are blended with clean virgin round woods.  Never any C & D wood like other manufacturers. Colored mulch varieties last much longer than natural uncolored mulches do. They are also very aesthetically pleasing.

The colorants Amerigrow uses are engineered to withstand Florida’s harsh summer sun and heavy rains. They are formulated with binders that enable it to resist fading much longer than most colored mulches available. It is NON-TOXIC to plants, animals and the consumer. Custom mulch colors are also available upon request including: blue, green, yellow, etc.

Periodically random samples are tested by A&L Great Lakes Laboratories or Way Point Analytics Laboratory, Inc. to ensure that Amerigrow’s customers are getting the highest quality products available.

Premium Colored mulch varieties are available in bulk, 2 cubic foot bags, by pallet and blow-on installation. Delivery is also available (minimums do apply).

natural mulch

All of our natural mulch varieties are made from clean woods and are shredded to help prevent floatation. Periodic random product samples are tested by A & L Great Lake Laboratories or Waypoint Analytics, to ensure that our consumers are getting the highest quality products available.

Natural mulch varieties are available in bulk, bag, pallet and blow-on installation. Delivery is also available. (Minimum order required)


playground mulchThis product is made primarily from Pine wood and Virgin Hardwood and is chipped to approximately 3/4’ minus in size. It is available in bulk, bag, pallet and blow-on installation.  Color may vary from light to medium brown.

Protect your Children According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 200,000 children are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms each year for injuries associated with playground equipment. Most injuries occur when children fall from the equipment onto the ground.

Using a Certified playground mulch is imperative to playground safety. Mulching Solutions has your playgrounds covered!

greensmart photoGreensmart is a proprietary blend of Florida native fibers specifically selected for their longevity, aesthetic qualities, and moisture retention capabilities. It has been carefully designed for the rigorous demands and aesthetic needs of the Golf Course industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Interlocking fibers
  • Excellent moisture retention & weed suppression.
  • 100% sustainable
  • Improved ball playability
  • Steep-slope erosion cover, won't float away.
  • Saves on labor and materials
  • Breaks down naturally & provide nutrients to the soil, so no removal is required.

  • core matrixExcellent for use on golf course, sports turf fields, lawns & planting beds
  • Great for installing and repairing lawns, new course construction and renovation.


  • Excellent Watering Retention Properties
  • 100 % Organic 
  • High Nutrient Content


  • Sustainable
  • Stronger Root Development And Healthier Grass
  • Reduces Watering Costs
  • Helps control nematodes



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